Kanban 1500x1230 mm tilted


Kanban 1500x1230 mm tilted
Kanban 1500x1230 mm tilted
Kanban 1500x1230 mm tilted
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Original Flowrack type PRO+
- Kanban flow rack
- For CBL crates up to 30 kg
- Heavy-Duty roller tracks
- 4, 5 or 6 levels in height
- Mobile (castors)
- Tilted pick side with end stop
- Preassembled delivery
Long warranty period
- 5 years on the roller tracks
- 2 years on all other parts
Colour scheme choices
- Yellow (short delivery time)
- Black
Detailed info rack layout:

Detailed info lane distribution:

This article is available in various models

Kanban 1500x1230 mm tilted - CBL W=300mm

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Kanban 1500x1230 mm tilted - CBL W=400mm

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Kanban 1500x1230 mm tilted - CBL W=600mm

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This product can be ordered for the following CBL crate widths:

4 lanes
per level
3 lanes
per level
2 lanes
per level


Durable mobile Flowrack kanban flow rack with tilted pick side.
Specially for CBL crates (up to 30 kg, heavy-duty roller tracks are included).

Heavy and stable profiles for decades of efficient order picking.
Durable heavy-duty roller tracks with solid steel axles.

Mobile kanban flow rack

Extremely stable mobile version with 4 heavy castors including locking brake.
Extra low construction height due to “Low Rider Technology”.
Unique anti-tilt aid.

Dimensions and load capacity kanban flow rack

W= 1500 mm (width between posts 1390 mm).
D= 1230 mm (net storage depth 1200 mm).
H= 2340 mm (including wheels).

Maximum 70 kg per lane, 300 kg per level, 1000 kg per rack (evenly divided).
CBL crate weight up to 30 kg (heavy-duty roller tracks are included).

For CBL crates

The width of your CBL crates determine the number of lanes next to each other.
The lanes each have 2 roller tracks and are separated by guide strips (whole depth).

Complete and ready-to-use due to free preassembly

1. Including upright frames with mobile base.
2. Including 4 flow shelves, heights are evenly divided.
3. Including all roller tracks and guide strips for the chosen CBL crate width.
4. Including all lanes: Already set to the chosen CBL crate width.

Available kanban flow rack versions

Choose and order your kanban flow rack based on your CBL crate width.
Choose your colour scheme (yellow or black).
You would like a different setup? Let us know and we will make a quotation for you.

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