Flowrack kanban live storage

Especially for material supply towards the assembly line or for the production process. Short kanban flow rack with a limited depth. Mobile or stationary. In this way the working stock will be made available at the workplace immediately. Two or more bins will be placed right behind each other.The first bin will be used to grab from. When this is empty, then the bin is taken away. This says it is time for replenishment. Meanwhile the next bin(s) will be used.

Kanban, a short introduction

The kanban method is an aid used to reduce production costs and enhance performance. Kanban fits within every improvement strategy, like Lean Manufacturing (LM). Kanban reduces the stock on the work floor, without the risk of the production stagnating because of lack of materials. So it is a Just-In-Time (JIT) strategy. To achieve this, the stock process is controlled by the material usage of the user (on-demand “pull” system). This system was created by the Japanese Toyota in the 50’s and is based on the idea of a “supermarket” in which the supply process has an on-demand trigger.