KLT-VDA bin rack examples

Here you will find both mobile racks with castors as well as stationary kanban flow racks. VDA stands for “Verband der Automobilindustrie”. These KLT-VDA standardized bins have a special block bottom. These kanban flow racks are specially customized for use with KLT-VDA bins.

KLT-VDA bin rack dimensions

Rack length: 1400, 1900 or 2800 mm. The rack depth is 1230 mm. This gives a net storage depth of 1200 mm. For KLT-VDA bins 2x600 mm, 3x400mm, 4x300 mm, 6x200 mm. Other rack sizes are available upon request.

Always a suitable KLT-VDA bin rack

Pick side straight or tilted. Colour scheme yellow or black. Choose the kanban rack that matches the width of your KLT-VDA bins.