Pick side - straight or tilted

Straight pick side

Use a straight pick side for taking out whole boxes and bins. Or use a straight pick side when picking from the front side of the box or bin is possible. Or use a straight pick side when there is enough picking space available between the levels. With a straight pick side, almost any box or bin depth is possible.

Tilted pick side

A tilted picking tray gives a larger pick opening. This is ideal for order picking of single products from the boxes or bins. The better access to the box or bin can also be used for adding an extra level. There will then be less space between the levels, but one can still pick from the box or bin through the tilted position. With a tilted pick side, the box or bin depth is limited to a maximum of 600 mm.

Return level

Often the top level is used as return level for empty boxes. You can buy this as an extra level (often with roller carpet c.t.c. 50 mm and straight pick side). You can also build in one of the existing levels the other way around.