How it works

1. Ask for a quotation

You are interested in kanban live storage racks. Ask us for a request form by email. We quickly sent you the request form including extensive further information. Please fill out the request form as good as possible.

2. Quickly a good quotation

We quickly make a free quote and a drawing to go with it. You check if this is how you meant it and if not, we change drawing and quotation to fit your requirements.

3. Ordering

If you like our proposal, we gladly receive your purchase order. If not, no problem and no charges.

4. Quick delivery

With us, you get a short lead time. The live storage racks will be delivered fully assembled (ready-to-use).

5. Fully assembled, ready to use

Free service: We fully assemble your kanban live storage rack before shipping. You recieve complete racks, ready for use imediately.

6. Try before you buy

If in doubt, use our unique service: Try out the kanban rack(s) for free and return without questions, without any fuss.