Roller tracks

Standard roller tracks

All kanban flow racks use durable Flowrack roller tracks.

Roller tracks are always provided with solid steel axles.
So no broken plastic axles because of aging, peak loads or wear.
Standard roller tracks are suitable for most situations.

For a maximum box or bin weight of 20 kg.

Heavy-duty roller tracks

You can also choose heavy-duty roller tracks.
These roller tracks are extra strong and suitable for larger (peak) loads.

For a maximum box or bin weight of 30 kg.

You can to choose heavy-duty roller tracks for any flow rack for a small surcharge.
Flow racks for CBL crates and KLT-VDA bins already include these heavy-duty roller tracks.

Anti-static roller tracks

Anti-static roller tracks are also available.
This way possible electric loading of stock units can be prevented.

When using anti-static roller tracks we advise you to also ground the rack itself.
Therefore it is not logical to use anti-static roller tracks for mobile racks.
Grounding materials are not including.

Anti-static roller tracks are only offered via a quotation.

Always a 5-year warranty

We give you a 5-year warranty on all roller tracks

Colour: Yellow

Colour: Yellow

Colour: Black
(also heavy-duty)
Delivery +1 week
always black
always heavy-duty
Delivery +1 week