Labels and pick to light

Ideal for all identification systems

Original Flowrack live storage racks combine perfectly with paperless ID systems.

Such as Barcode scan, RFID scan, Scan-to-light, Pick to light, Pick-to-car, etc.

But also for standard order picking with pick list.


At both the front and rear, you can easily stick labels and label holders.
We advise a label height up to 50 mm.

Label holders

Self-adhesive label holders are often used in combination with flow shelves.
The flexible solution. In these label holders you can use labels of your own choosing.

Kanbanstorage.com sells unique label holders, especially made for Original Flowrack flow racks.
Low priced and made to fit the whole width of the flow shelves.
No need for shortening yourselves and therefore no waste of materials (and money).


All types of pick-to-light displays and display strips can be installed without trouble.
At both the front and rear of the Original Flowrack flow racks.


Example pick-to-light assembly (supplier pcdata):

Example label holder (supplier Original Flowrack):

Example sticky labels (supplier Jeka):

Example magnet labels (supplier Jeka):