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Terms and conditions

Flowrack BV

www.kanbanstorage.com is a part of Flowrack BV. You do business with Flowrack BV.

Flowrack BV is a member of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Metaalunie (Royal Dutch Metal Union). In addition to having access to the most up-to-date technologies, this ensures the best working conditions for our employees. In this way we sustain a reliable and responsible business.

The terms and conditions of the METAALUNIE are a part of each contract with Flowrack BV. Any exceptions to these conditions shall be explicitly agreed upon, via this web shop or in a different manner.

METAALUNIE terms and conditions

The METAALUNIE terms and conditions are available here as a PDF file.

Download METAALUNIE terms and conditions (pdf 55,0 Kb)

Royal Dutch Metal Union